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Using Facebook for PR Needs

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Facebook made a lot of changes to their news feed recently, and some of those changes have hit some Pages quite hard. The issue is that an individual’s News Feed doesn’t show everything that people post anymore. Granted, this is good if you are a Facebook user, but that means that we have to change our strategy a bit when it comes to using Facebook for public relations plano tx

Basically, the algorithm makes it that items (for example, memes) that are getting passed around the site do not show up as often in an individual’s News Feed. Instead, the site bumps more “newsworthy” items up in users’ News Feeds so that they get more views. There are several main things that affect whether or not a particular post shows up on a News Feed:

–    How often you interact with the page or person that put a post up.

–    How much interaction other people have had with the post (likes, shares, comments).

–    How much interest a person has shown in those types of posts via their past history (do they read and “like” a lot of articles? Do they like funny posts more?)

–    If a post has been hidden or reported by multiple persons, it won’t get posted on a person’s News Feed.

When you start to look at getting things done and marketing on your Facebook, then you want to make sure that you are relevant to your audience above all else. You want them to be interested, you want them to engage with you, and you want them to see what you are posting and engage with it. The more they like, share, and comment on your posts, the more likely you will get more followers. The point is getting your message out to as many people as possible.